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Profile Objectives Numeracy Year 1
Numeracy Objectives - Year1
Number and place value
  • count to and across100,forwardsand backwards, beginning with 0 or1, or fromanygiven number
  • count,read and write numbersto100 in numerals,count in different multiplesincluding ones,twos, fives and tens
  • given a number,identifyone more and one less
  • identify and represent numbers using concrete objectsand pictorial representations including the numberline,and use the language of:equal to,more than,lessthan (fewer), most,least
  • read and write numbers from 1 to20 in digits and words.
Additionand subtraction
  • read,writeand interpret mathematical statements involving addition (+),subtraction (-) and equals (=)signs
  • representand use numberbonds and related subtractionfactswithin 20
  • add and subtract one-digit and two-digit numbers to 20 (9 + 9,18 -9), including zero
  • solve simple one-step problems that involve addition and subtraction,using concrete objects and pictorial representations,and missing number problems.
Multiplication and division
  • solve simple one-step problemsinvolving multiplication and division,calculating the answer using concrete objects, pictorial representations and arrays with thes upport of the teacher.
  • recognise,find and name a half asone of two equal partsof an object,shape or quantity
  • recognise,find and name a quarter as one offour equal parts of an object,shape orquantity.
  • compare,describe and solve practical problemsfor:
  • lengths and heights(e.g.long/short,longer/shorter, tall/short,double/half)
  • mass or weight(e.g.heavy/light,heavierthan,lighter than)
  • capacity/volume (full/empty, morethan,lessthan, quarter)
  • time (quicker,slower, earlier,later)
  • measure and begin to record the following:
  • lengths and heights
  • mass/weight
  • capacity and volume
  • time (hours,minutes,seconds)
  • recognise and know the value ofdifferen tdenominationsof coins and notes, today,yesterday,tomorrow, morning,afternoon and evening