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Pupil Premium
Pupil Premium  
2017-2018 school's total Pupil Premium allocation is £22,440

The planned spend is as follows to support pupils learning:
  • to provide one to one and small group intervention programs to raise progress in basic skills
  • to provide Ipads for all pupils in receipt of Free School Meals in order to practise basic skills.
  • To fund residential visits and school trips to those pupils in receipt of Free School Meals
  • to provide school book bag, tie and PE bag to all pupils starting in Reception class
  • to provided enrichment opportunities including Key Strings and Timezone

 Our Pupil Premium Allocation for 2016/17 was £30,360
Within our School Improvement Plan this allocation was used for:

  TA Provision, to implement one to one daily programs to improve basic skills in Literacy & Numeracy in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. TA support in classrooms enabling small group work. 
Spelling InterventionCurriculum Enrichment

  Curriculum Enrichment – Funding Key Strings music enrichment experience for all pupils, Science workshops and E-safety Drama

Pupil Premuim Outcomes at the end of Key Stage 2 for 2016 (3 pupils)

% achieved Expected                                      Progress                Attainment
Disadvantage pupils                                            66%                            66%
Non-Disadvantaged                                            47%                            70%
Disadvantage pupils                                           100%                           100%
Non-Disadvantaged                                             90%                             83%
Disadvantage pupils                                           66%                           100%
Non-Disadvantaged                                            60%                             87%